With Experience, Comes Confidence


Buying or selling a home can take its toll on even some of the most calm and collective people. It can be emotional, lengthy, and financially stressful…. which begs the question, “who can I trust with the largest transaction of my life?” You want someone who can confidently navigate all steps of the process from […]

Buying a Home with WiseMove

The WiseMove Buyer Buying a house can mean a roller coaster of emotions: excited, happy, frustrated, confused, etc. At WiseMove, we have the experience and the knowledge to make sure you are prepared for the ride! Our Realtors know what to look out for and what questions you should be asking. We want you to […]

Preparing your Home to Sell

The Importance of Pricing your Home

The most important time your house is on the market is in the first 2 weeks.  Think about it, your property is new, fresh, and exciting to prospective buyers. First impressions are important when putting your house on the market. You do not want to scare away potential buyers. Pricing your home can be a […]

How WiseMove Helps Our Buyer Clients

Buying a Home with WiseMove For decades, the real estate industry has told the homebuyer that they do not pay for their Realtor. Buyers are told that the Seller pays for the Realtor at the Act of Sale. On the surface, this may seem to be true; but if you look at it in another […]

Our Listings


Welcome back, WiseMove subscribers! I hope everyone enjoyed that nice cool weather we had at the end of October. I understand Voodoo did not disappoint, and we all know Halloween is an absolute anomaly with parents just giving candy away. All in all, October just rocks. I trust that everyone had a great October, but […]