April 2023 NOLA Metro Real Estate Market Snapshot

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Welcome to your Monthy Market Snapshot! On the second Thursday of each month, we’ll post a snapshot of essential stats of the New Orleans Metro Real Estate Market for Single-Family Detached Homes. Drop us a line here to see stats specific to other areas around Nola!

Below you’ll find graphs for each stat in the graphic above. The charts are over a year to see the difference between 2023 & 2022. Metric definitions can be found at the end of the post!

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The average Sales Price is down 5.2% from April of 2022.

New Listings are down 14.5% from the previous year. So more people are only selling their homes if they need to, especially when they likely can’t get the same mortgage rates they were getting a couple of years ago.

Pending Sales are down 17% from last year and 5% from the previous month. This is the sharpest month-to-month decrease since the August to September 2022 decrease of 11%. With fewer homes going to pending, this means we’ll see fewer closings next month and an overall increase in inventory.

Average Days on Market, DOM, is up to 50 days, a 92.3% increase from April 2022. Though it is less than the previous month, that doesn’t indicate a better market, as it is usual for DOM to be lower in April vs. March.

The Average Price per SqFt is $155, down 4.3% from last year. Remember, this is the average number in the New Orleans Metro for all Single Family Detached homes. This doesn’t mean your home has the same Price/SqFt since it depends on your location, home condition, home type, and more. Still, we can see that though real estate values have been appreciating quite quickly over the last couple of years, we’re now seeing them slow down.

Homes for Sale are up 65.8% from 2022 and only 2% up from March 2023. Though there’s only a slight increase from March, you can see that by pairing it with the March to April New LIstings decrease, the overall number of Homes For Sale makes sense

Closed Sales are down 29% from 2022 and about even with the previous month. The first quarter is usually quiet due to the holidays, especially Mardi Gras. That’s why the Closed and Pending sales pick up after February. The second and third quarters will be the real indicator of how our real estate market is doing.

We use this metric to aid in the determination of the type of market we’re in:

  • If MSI<4 then we’re in a Seller’s Market.
  • If 4<msi<6 then we’re in a balanced market.
  • If MSI>6 then we’re in a Buyer’s Market

Based on the active homes in March, if no new listings are added and the buying pace stays the same, the market would only have 3.6 months’ worth of inventory. That’s up 100.7% from last year.

The average number of showing a house gets before pending or under contract is 11, equal to March and January this year.


  • Sales Price: Calculations are based on sold data. Prices do not account for seller concessions. Average is the mean sales price for all closed sales in a given month.*
  • New Listings: A count of the properties that have been newly listed on the market in a given month.
  • Homes for Sale: The number of properties available for sale in active status at the end of a given month. Also known as inventory. For this metric, the “12/6/3 months” calculation is the average of the most recent 12/6/3 months of data.
  • Pending Sales: A count of the properties on which contracts have been accepted in a given month.
  • Closed Sales- A count of the actual sales that have closed in a given month. Calculations are based on sold data.
  • Average Days on Market: Number of days between when a property is listed and when an offer is accepted in a given month.*
  • Months Supply: The inventory of homes for sale at the end of a given month, divided by the average monthly Pending Sales from the last 12 months. Also known as absorption rate.
  • Price Per SqFt: Calculations are based on sold data. Prices do not account for seller concessions. Average is the mean sales price for homes sold in a given month divided by the number of finished square feet*
  • Shows to Pending: The number of showings scheduled per listing before it was pending, under contract, during the selected reporting period.**
  • * Sales with a Days on Market of less than 0, or a Percent of Original Price that is less than 50 percent or more than 200 percent, are added to the sales count but are not factored into price, price per square foot or days on market.
  • ** In order to be included in the calculation of this metric, a listing must be enabled for ShowingTime services and must have a showing in its first 28 days on the market.

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