The Importance of Pricing your Home

The most important time your house is on the market is in the first 2 weeks. 

Think about it, your property is new, fresh, and exciting to prospective buyers. First impressions are important when putting your house on the market. You do not want to scare away potential buyers.

Pricing your home can be a challenge, however, WiseMove has the tools, experience, and insight to help you understand your home’s value. We will research houses that have sold in your area with similar sqft, condition, and other characteristics.  We will go through the process of coming to your home’s value, so you can see how we got there. We will present to you all the details about selling your home in your specific price range. 

We have helped many sellers price and sell their properties. We are on your side, and we will always look out for your best interest at all times.

This infographic shows how few buyers will look at your property if it is above market value.

The more eyes you have on your property, the better.

Sellers think that a buyer can always make them an offer. However, this is not always the case. The buyer that can afford your home may not even see your property because of their pricing filter online. Sellers don’t want to believe that price is the problem, but when no one makes an offer, it usually is because of price.

Give us a call if you have any questions about pricing your home!

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