How WiseMove Helps Our Buyer Clients

Buying a Home with WiseMove

For decades, the real estate industry has told the homebuyer that they do not pay for their Realtor. Buyers are told that the Seller pays for the Realtor at the Act of Sale. On the surface, this may seem to be true; but if you look at it in another light, the buyer is paying for his Realtor. It is in the total price of the house. Simplistically speaking, ask yourself, “Who brings all the money to the table?” It is the buyer.

Here is an example of how WiseMove creates value for their clients.

Sellers typically offer 3% to the buyer’s Realtor. WiseMove will never accept a dollar over $2,500 when representing a client in the purchase of a house. We use the excess commission to help our clients negotiate a lower price. Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say you are buying $300,000 house, where the seller is offering a commision of 3% to the buyer’s Realtor. 3% of $300,000 is $9,000. Like we said earlier, WiseMove never accepts more than $2,500 and uses the extra $6,500 to negotiate the price of the house down to $293,500.


$300,000: Sale Price

$9,000: Commission offered to WiseMove

$2,500: WiseMove’s Flat Fee

$6,500: Remaining commission used to negotiate lower price

$293,500: Purchase price

In this example, instead of paying $300,000, you could could get the house for $293,500. Pretty awesome!

WiseMove is the only real estate brokerage firm doing this for their clients!

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