Ditch the Commissions.

Get Leverage From the Start.

What makes WiseMove different?

Think about it: Buyers save Realtors hours of time and money by browsing the Internet and finding houses they like before they even set foot in a space. Listing agents use an app to allow Realtors to enter available homes at the touch of a button — no more driving to a location to let someone in. The old-fashioned work that used to go into buying and selling on behalf of listing agents and Realtors alike has disappeared with the advent of new technology. So why are you still paying old-fashioned commissions? Times have changed. And we want to change real estate, too.

Our flat-fee model is disrupting the industry — and saving clients thousands of dollars.

For Buyers

Simplify negotiations with the WiseMove model. Housed within the purchase price of any given property is a 2-3% commission that will go to your Realtor. We accept just $2,500 – and we use the difference to negotiate a lower price for your dream home.

For Sellers

Maximize your return on investment by getting every dollar you deserve. Sellers are typically responsible for 6% of the purchase price to pay both their own listing agent and the buyer’s Realtor. WiseMove shrinks that fee to a fair and manageable $2,500. If the buyer is using a traditional Realtor, we advise paying them an industry standard.

For Everyone

Wisemove’s licensed real estate agents are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) who know the New Orleans market. Whether you’re searching for a Broadmoor bungalow or selling an Uptown Victorian, you’ll receive exceptional service from the first step to final closing.

Simple Pricing. Simple Savings.

Sellers stand to save at least $11,035 for the average New Orleans home.* Buyers could end up negotiating thousands off the list price when our model comes into play.

*Average New Orleans home price calculated as $363,375

See how much you can save using these simple equations: